Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The Best of The Evangelist 6/04-6/05 

There are timeframes that naturally seem to drive one towards reflection. For instance, K. was saying last night to a friend that once you reach a "certain age" (which when we weren't looking we somehow arrived at) three months is often the first hurdle in a relationship. At that point, one is driven to ask, "Where is this going? Does it have a future? Can I spend the rest of my life with you?"

Similarly, a year is often a good length of time from which to gain some perspective on one's endeavors, personal or professional. So here we are at a year of The Evangelist and I thought it might be a good time to look back over the last twelve months and select the top five posts that, based on the amount of emails and IMs I received about them, appear to have struck the loudest chords with Evangelist readers. I have listed them in the order they were published, not based on any personal preference.

1) Pondering Time Travel
2) Going Under Cover
3) Adam Curry's Dangerous Question
4) The Good and The Beautiful
5) Whipped by the Long Tail

So. I've re-read them. I've examined our relationship. I'm committed. Hope you are, too. Thanks for reading.

- Tony
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