Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Idiosyncratic Web Shopping Choices 

For those of us who like quirky, entreprenurial ventures run by folks who have their own special aesthetic, finding great sites like these is a joy.

Remo General Store
Remo has relocated from Australia to the US and back again. In so doing, his one-time physical store has become a website. Check it out for a selection of Remo's personally branded items, alongside other interesting objects that you would only find Down Under. Make sure to read the "Our Story" presentation linked in the upper right hand corner of the homepage.

Knock Knock
This little West Coast company makes things you didn't know you needed. Like a Menu Organizer Kit (only true urbanites understand how helpful this is.) Or really groovy wrapping paper. Check it out and see for yourself. Make sure to read all the copy on this site, it's brilliant!

Super Hero Designs
Gorgeous jewelry made by a lovely woman. Check it out for Andrea's special necklaces and bracelets that are guaranteed to make the wearer's life more magical.

Cool Rockets
OK. This is really specialized. But for those of us with a love of early science fiction design aesthetic, Jeff Brewer is our man. A model maker for special effects shops, Jeff has managed to mass produce some really fantastic rockets that are great in your home, your office, wherever! Toys for grownup boys.

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