Thursday, June 24, 2004

Serendipitous Blue Things 

So I've recently returned from a trip to Amsterdam, Brussels and Bruge. I'm a big foodie and I'm always happy to use Amsterdam to get my Indonesian food fix.

This time around, we went to one place which was pretty good for the standard riijstaffel (rice table). But then on the train to Brussels back to Amsterdam, I was reading Vanity Fair and there was a strange little blurb which mentioned that the best Indonesian food in Amsterdam is Blue Pepper. Well, of course we had to go. And thanks to the football (soccer) fever, the place was EMPTY. The food was astonishing. A sort of modern/nouvelle take on Indonesian food. All of the menus are tasting menus essentially. There are three that are gradations of number of courses and from mild to spicy. Then there's the "whatever the chef wants" menu where you pick the number of courses and he does whatever he wants. We tried two menus. The Chef's menu and the medium spicy menu. Both were absolutely excellent. I won't bore you with minute descriptions. I'll just say, "if this sounds interesting, go."

Oh, and Koert, they will do all vegetarian for you. We asked. :-)
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