Monday, July 12, 2004

Guilty Pleasures Film Festival 

Will Ferrell made merry mayhem the other day at CNBC. While I have no intention of paying money to see Anchorman, which looks like a pretty silly film, I have to admit that there are any number of ostensibly bad movies that I have watched joyously far too many times. Brain cells be damned! Here's a few of them...

American Pie
Considering the hype about the pie-snogging, one would have thought that this was going to be a truly low-brow endeavor of the bottom order. What a surprise to discover that the young cast, ably abetted by master of silliness Eugene Levy, was in fact running through the paces of a classic high school, coming of age comedy, ala Risky Business. The quoteable lines ("MILF! MILF!) will be resurfacing for years.

There's Something About Mary
Another film who's hype focused on the highest point of sexually-derived humor in the film, TSAM turned out to be a movie with a surprisingly homey, true love message. Who knew? Based on the press, I had determined never to see this film. When I finally did, I found myself seeing it more than once (on cable) and being amused each time.

Saving Silverman
OK. This is a REALLY BAD MOVIE. Neil Diamond saves the day? C'mon! Killer raccoon? A direct steal from Python and TSAM. And yet...I LOVE THIS MOVIE. Look at the cast: Jack Black, Jason Biggs, Amanda Peet AND Steve Zahn? Let the madness begin.

In some ways, this is the guiltiest pleasure. Director Peter Chelsom made the truly original Funny Bones and some less memorable things after. And then this movie which chock full of formula romance. And yet, John Cusack is awfully watchable as an actor. And Kate Beckinsale...well...rwooowr. But what a peculiar concoction this is. And I keep watching it!
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