Monday, August 16, 2004

5 Questions from The Squipper 

The Squipper, know to me as CindyC (Prince's The Black Album reference, anyone?) emailed me 5 Questions to respond to on my site. On the one hand, I never really intended this site to be overly revealing in terms of my offline life. On the other hand, I do like a challenge.

Here ya go, Squipper!

1. Name the one thing that aggravates you most about other people.

A wiser person than I told me that the thing that aggravates you most about someone else is the thing you most dislike in yourself.

I think that what aggravates me most about other people is probably three things, which are sometimes expressed in concert: a) not being honest, b) not being sensitive to other's feelings and c) wielding power arbitrarily.

What this says about me I'm certainly open to hearing.

2. You've got a free, roundtrip plane ticket to visit anyplace in the world. Where would you go?

I've been obsessing about Australia/New Zealand for a few years now. I can't explain why. It's just been on my mind. There are a lot of other places that I'd like to go as well, but there's not doubt that the antipodes have been singing me a siren song for quite some time.

3. Tell us about the best day in your life (so far, that is.)

I have a pretty plebian answer: my wedding day was awesome. We ripped the ceremony format off from a gay wedding we attended. It included speeches from all of our parents and siblings, performances from talented friends, candle lighting, ceremonial eating of cherry tomatoes, and readings from the dictionary (the definitions of love, family and commitment). Our Turkish folkdancer brother-in-law choreographed a line dance as our first dance so that everyone could join in and the band played jazz and klezmer as the guests circulated to fantastic food stations featuring Vietnamese, Italian and other ethnic foods. Really, what more could you ask for?

4. What country music song would best describe you?

"Miss Chatelaine"

5. Fill in the blank: In a perfect world, I'd be _______________________.

....the owner of an art gallery and a part-time Alexander Technique teacher.

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