Monday, January 03, 2005

Administrivia: Subscribing to this Blog 

Hello and Happy New Year.

Most blogs end the old year and kick off the new year with all sorts of summaries of things "past" and thoughts on the year ahead. Here at The-Evangelist, we're starting with an administrative issue in response to requests from the reader community. :-)

Some kind folks have been writing to me asking how they might receive notice when there are new posts to The-Evangelist. Given that my posts are generally on the Wednesdays of each week, one answer is to check the site every week after that. But there are some weeks with multiple posts and some weeks with no posts (generally when there is a holiday, a film festival I'm attending or those weeks where my day job eats my brain.)

Here's another solution: simply send an email to the-evangelist-subscribe AT yahoogroups.com. When you join this Yahoo! group, you will automatically receive emails with the contents of each new post to the site.

One favor I'd ask of the reader community: while I very much enjoy the back channel conversations I have with individual readers of the blog (and indeed the volume of email I receive far outweighs the number of comments on the site), please consider whether or not you might like to share your thoughts with other readers in addition to me as the author. If so, then consider leaving your comment at the blog (I respond to all posts to the blog on the blog itself) vs. emailing me directly. That way other readers will have the benefit of your thinking (I get lots of thoughtful responses and recommendations emailed to me directly from readers.)

In closing, I'd like to thank all of you for reading in 2004. I've greatly enjoyed our conversations and look forward to continuing them in the year ahead.
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