Wednesday, March 23, 2005

"Give Us More to See!" (2005 Photobloggies) 

Stephen Sondheim wrote an extraordinary musical about the creative process called "Sunday in the Park with George". Without regard to the strength of the musical as a whole (the book is challenging in certain respects), it's well worth listening to the music and what he says about creativity.

One of my favorite lines comes from the artist's muse (Dot - originated by the supremely original performer Bernadette Peters) as she sings with the protagonist the heartbreaking song "Moving On". Dot sings:

Anything you do,
Let it come from you.
Then it will be new.

Give us more to see...
Right now on the web, there are a host of talented photographers who are publishing their work, often on a daily basis and providing a tremendous amount of inspiration to their viewers. There is truly some astonishingly good work out there.

At Chromogenic, the photographer ran out of film for his Hassleblad and jury rigged the camera to take a smaller film stock. When he developed the film, he discovered he had exposed the film across the sprocket line. A terrific effect. Here's a favorite from that series.

At OneMountainPhoto, Ed Nazarko has a wide array of work. A favorite winter shot.

For landscapes, it's hard to compete with A Walk Through Durham Township, PA. Check out this shot, up for a Photobloggie Award.

Mute has some terrific portrature, both posed and candid. Speaking of which, Joe's NYC has some incredible street scenes.

These are just a few shots to represent the multitude of photographic creativity blooming on the web. So go to the Photobloggies site, click on the links and then vote for what you like best.

P.S. If you're a photographer or a designer yourself, you should check out Daily Snapshot's Interviews with web photobloggers. The new design is gorgeous!
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