Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Little Giant Serves Deviled Eggs 

Film Festival Sherpa Dan took us to Little Giant at Orchard & Broome last Saturday night. This joint is an advertisement for the Lower East Side. A shabby chic interior, it almost felt like the set of the current production of Sweeney Todd. A vaulted exposed brick ceiling hovers over a handful of tables. Behind the bar, a set of open shelves is filled both with bottles in the work zone and bric-a-brac beyond it. An open kitchen off to the side warms the room up, an absolute necessity in winter given the volume of air breezing through the leaky street front windows. Somehow all of this seems to balance things just right.

A quick spin of guy-in-the-street reviews on the web reveals that Little Giant got off to a rough start last year and seems to have pissed a number of folks off with its inconsistent service. As of this writing, the service was fine. While not speedy by any means, we were there to spend time with friends and had no issues with the timing of our entrees’ arrival.

We over-ordered....as we tend to do when trying a place with an interesting menu. Plus, Dan was equipped with many suggestions. We began with some delightful deviled eggs. “Who serves deviled eggs in a restaurant?” I wondered beforehand. They were scrumptious. At Dan’s behest we also ordered the chicken liver mousse, served with an onion compote and toast. Fabulous!

Having earned several prescriptions for Lipitor between us during our appetizers, we continued our cholesterol festival with a wonderfully spiced pulled pork dish (the “Swine of the Week”), a cavatelli with a pumpkin pesto, an arugula, goat cheese and bacon “flatbread” (read: “pizza”), and I threw in an herb salad for some semblance of reason. With the exception of the cavatelli, which was nice but not brilliant, everything was terrifically tasty. We felt obliged to share a chocolate cherry bread pudding as K. makes a mean bread pudding and needed to check out the competition. Little Giant’s was so good that K. is contemplating adding cherries to her recipe.

I highly recommend giving Little Giant a try. It’s worth a trek to the L.E.S.
Sherpa Dan here... You forgot to mention the cozy parsnip soup that I started with. Also delish!

Little Giant never disappoints - ask for Tasha and tell her I sent you!
It may not be obvious to you Yankees, but deviled eggs are a Southern standard. People are judged and known by their deviled eggs. It would not be uncommon for a restaurant to serve 'em and they would definitely be expected at a party at someone's home. A few weeks ago my brother in law proudly proclaimed that he had eaten 21 of them in a single day while visiting his parents in Virginia.
Okay, my comment has nothing to do with deviled eggs, (which I love), or even food at all (which I also love), I read your profile and it made me laugh. Don't ask why. Ahkenaton was way cool!
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