Thursday, January 26, 2006

Sundance Post I: Schedule Shuffling 

As regular readers know, I normally only publish on a weekly basis. (Yes, yes. I know that I missed last week. Those of you who know my professionally know that things are pretty busy for me at work.) But we're at Sundance again for our annual pilgrimage and I'm going to try something new: blogging closer to real time.

We arrived on last night (Wednesday) to learn that two of our party had already seen and hated The Darwin Awards. We had that scheduled as our second flick for today (Thursday) and we were being advised by our little movie mob to ditch our tickets.

Linda had lasted 15 minutes and Sherpa Dan had watched the whole thing and declared it beyond redemption. I was conflicted about not seeing it because last year, Dan desperately hated Brick - which I loved.

K. fell asleep for Brick, but it was flick six for that day and one could hardly blame her. She claims to have hated what little she saw of it, however. So when Dan panned Darwin without reservation, K. was inclined to ditch our tix in favor of something else.

So we dumped the Darwin tix first thing this AM in favor of a doc called Small Town Gay Bar (which we're headed off to see momentarily).

Additionally, the advance buzz on The Hawk is Dying is more of a ZZZZZ. Variety hated it, Dan thought it was blah, and the people behind us at our first film complained about Hawk from the moment they sat down until the our film began. *sigh* Our whole Day 1 schedule is feeling kind of risky. We're going to take our chances with Hawk anyway.

In the meantime, we've seen our first film Word Play which we really enjoyed a lot. It was a great way to start our festival. I don't have time to do a full-on review yet. But we both thought it was exactly the sort of doc we love to see at festivals: fun, warm, articulate and engaging.

More later...
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