Friday, January 27, 2006

Sundance Post II: Strong Start & Finish, Middling in Between 

So we've just gotten back to our condo at about 2:30am Utah time.

Despite having Paul Giamatti and Michelle Williams in the lead roles, Hawk proved to be a dud - as Dan and others predicted. The only reason I can imagine that Giamatti agreed to do the flick is because like all formerly geeky young men, he still has a fascination with falconry.

We followed that with Viva Zapatero, an Italian documentary about a comedienne who did a show so bitingly satirical that Berlusconi had her kicked off the air after a single episode. She herself was terribly charming. The documentary itself was probably more engaging for Italians, but it had frightening resonance with our American state of affairs nonetheless.

We concluded Day 1 with The World According to Sesame Street, a doc of particular interest to K. as she used to work at the Sesame Workshop. It is an extremely engaging exploration of how Sesame creates foreign co-productions with local content and production teams. The film covers three efforts, South Africa, Bangladesh and Kosovo.

So the day started and ended strong. The middle was not so impressive. Ah well, tomorrow's another day. Plenty more films to redeem ourselves with. First one's at 10am...
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