Monday, October 16, 2006

TID is Going to be Big 

So I have this amazing friend named David Kidder. When we first met, he'd recently sold his first company. He was 23.

Since that time, David has done any number of amazing things (including selling other companies), but his most recent accomplishment is a wonderful side project called The Intellectual Devotional.

I think it was about 18 months ago and K. and I were last at Castle Kidder and David was showing us this prototype for a book that he was thinking about creating. The idea was compelling: a simple way for those of us who love knowledge to fill in the inevitable gaps in our educations...one day at the time.

Based on the concept of the relgious devotional (a prayer book with a new piece of scripture to be meditated on each day), The Intellectual Devotional pulls together information from seven "fields of knowledge", to wit: history, literature, philosophy, mathematics & science, religion, visual arts, and music.

I've been buying lots of copies for my friends, and after David and his coauthor Noah were on The Today Show, it seems that others are turning on to it as well.

Maybe it's your turn?
Breaking news: TID is going to be debuting on the NYT bestseller list at the end of this month!!
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