Friday, June 25, 2004

Some Favorite Artists 

So those of you who know me well know that I love collecting art and crafts, in many cases getting to know the artists and craftspeople. Here are a few that you may recognize.

Greg Skol
We first encountered Skol's work at the Hahn Ross Gallery in New Mexico on our honeymoon. We loved his detailed brush work and his use of color. A few years later K surprised me with a second one for my birthday.

Jamie Titus
I am fortunate that Jamie is a personal friend. Her work is truly astonishing. I've always said that if I could do anything as well as Jamie paints, I'd die happy. Her work has moved into very different directions since this piece. As of somewhere around 2002 or 2003, her work became completely abstract and remains as breathtaking as ever.

Marina Korenfeld
I met Marina a couple of years ago selling her work in front of the Metropolitan. It's clearly very influenced by the alchemical engravers.

Chip Hooper
Hooper is clearly an Ansel Adams disciple and I first saw his work at a gallery that specializes in Adams. I only own one of Chip's works, but if I had a house I'd happily own another!

I started really paying attention to black and white photography when I roomed with David Plowden's son in boarding school. David came to lecture and his work was displayed in the art center. I loved it (and greatly enjoyed his company as well.)

Jamie Perry
The piece of Jamie's that we own always gets comments. I find the work we own of his to have a serene quality, but at the same time full of questions to engage the viewer.
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Thursday, June 24, 2004

Serendipitous Blue Things 

So I've recently returned from a trip to Amsterdam, Brussels and Bruge. I'm a big foodie and I'm always happy to use Amsterdam to get my Indonesian food fix.

This time around, we went to one place which was pretty good for the standard riijstaffel (rice table). But then on the train to Brussels back to Amsterdam, I was reading Vanity Fair and there was a strange little blurb which mentioned that the best Indonesian food in Amsterdam is Blue Pepper. Well, of course we had to go. And thanks to the football (soccer) fever, the place was EMPTY. The food was astonishing. A sort of modern/nouvelle take on Indonesian food. All of the menus are tasting menus essentially. There are three that are gradations of number of courses and from mild to spicy. Then there's the "whatever the chef wants" menu where you pick the number of courses and he does whatever he wants. We tried two menus. The Chef's menu and the medium spicy menu. Both were absolutely excellent. I won't bore you with minute descriptions. I'll just say, "if this sounds interesting, go."

Oh, and Koert, they will do all vegetarian for you. We asked. :-)
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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Idiosyncratic Web Shopping Choices 

For those of us who like quirky, entreprenurial ventures run by folks who have their own special aesthetic, finding great sites like these is a joy.

Remo General Store
Remo has relocated from Australia to the US and back again. In so doing, his one-time physical store has become a website. Check it out for a selection of Remo's personally branded items, alongside other interesting objects that you would only find Down Under. Make sure to read the "Our Story" presentation linked in the upper right hand corner of the homepage.

Knock Knock
This little West Coast company makes things you didn't know you needed. Like a Menu Organizer Kit (only true urbanites understand how helpful this is.) Or really groovy wrapping paper. Check it out and see for yourself. Make sure to read all the copy on this site, it's brilliant!

Super Hero Designs
Gorgeous jewelry made by a lovely woman. Check it out for Andrea's special necklaces and bracelets that are guaranteed to make the wearer's life more magical.

Cool Rockets
OK. This is really specialized. But for those of us with a love of early science fiction design aesthetic, Jeff Brewer is our man. A model maker for special effects shops, Jeff has managed to mass produce some really fantastic rockets that are great in your home, your office, wherever! Toys for grownup boys.

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